The name Damda means sooooo good, but it’s not just a translated word or simple concept or even just a name, it is much more – the very essence of the word Damda, at it’s core, is an experience.

Damda is a culinary voyage where the mystery and mastery of the East meets the dynamics of the West. These two great cooking disciplines collide and are fused together at Damda, creating an experience like no other.

Damda is the dining experience in its entirety. Not just the unique flavours of the fusion style cuisine that dance in your mouth, it is also the atmosphere – the setting, the service, the aromas that tickle your senses and make your mouth water, all combining to create a unique experience that will leave you fully satisfied yet always yearning for more. Whether you’re our guest for a quick delicious lunch or an intimate dinner date, at Damda our sole mission is your complete dining enjoyment.